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Thank you for your interest in a styled breastfeeding group session! Maybe you've seen pictures on the internet of a group of women nursing in an open field, or perhaps a creek, or even in a lake! I've wanted to do one of these sessions for a LONG time and it is finally becoming reality. I think it is amazing to see women coming together to support each other and show how beautiful breastfeeding can be. We have all gone through trials and tribulations in our nursing journeys and this is a true celebration of all that you have done for your baby - whether you are nursing a newborn or a 4 year old!

The details:
Date: August 13, 2016

Time: Group session will be at 7:30pm, individual portraits will be scheduled before this but exact times are TBD depending on how many people are interested.

Cost: The group session is free of charge and all participants will receive one high resolution digital file of the group pose. Additional options are available, please see the form below.

Location: I'm not posting the address here but it is 13 miles from Knob Noster in La Monte on private property. It is about 17 minutes from WAFB. You will be standing on mowed grass with a pond, trees, and the sunset in the background! 

Who: You and your nursling(s). No extra children or family members will be photographed either in the group session or individual portraits.

What to wear: I'd like everyone to have a cohesive look but not be identical. Ideally creams, whites, or nude colors of dresses, skirts, or shorts. No denim or bright/neon colors. Light pastels might be okay. If you have a question about whether something will be okay, PLEASE run it past me first. Also, I know some other photographers have done undergarments but for this session I would prefer you to be fully clothed.

What about the babies/kids? Babies can be in coordinating clothing, a cloth diaper, or naked. No disposable diapers showing.

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The group session is free of charge and includes one high resolution digital file. Individual portrait sessions are $50 and will include two 8x10 professionally printed photographs as well as the accompanying watermarked social media file. If you would like an individual session, please make a print selection and the $50 will be invoiced in addition to any of the other options you've chosen. Please make ONE selection.
Basic hair curling is also available but due to the time commitment this is only for those who sign up for an individual session.
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