Lifestyle and Film Sessions

Lifestyle sessions are perfect for documenting your real life. Lifestyle sessions can:

  • Help you remember what life was like with littles underfoot - perhaps following the arrival of a new baby, reading books on the couch with your toddler, or baking cookies with an older child (you will eventually forget the flour that spilled...everywhere!)

  • Allow you to enjoy your child's birthday party. No more fumbling with the camera while you try to light the candle while simultaneously avoid letting tears drop into the frosting on your baby's first birthday cake.

  • Be done in your home or in a location that holds special meaning for you.

Lifestyle and Film FAQ

What do we do during an in-home lifestyle session?

  • We can approach your lifestyle session in a few different ways. Are there particular activities your family enjoys such as breakfast in bed on Saturday morning? Playing in the back yard after school? Friday game night? We can brainstorm and come up with a few activities to set the scene. I am happy to do a purely documentary session where I fade into the background and do not intervene at all, or I can help slightly with things such as "move over by that window to do that cute dance!" We'll talk about all of this during your consultation before your session.

What do we get after a lifestyle session?

  • You can choose a full story told through pictures, a film set to music, or a fusion incorporating both video clips and still pictures. I typically shoot the session with an album in mind, trying to capture pictures that will tell the complete story. Some people choose a folio box with their favorite 15 matted prints which can be displayed on an easel and changed out as often as you'd like.

What kind of events can be documented?

  • Nearly everything! Birthday parties, baptisms, retirement ceremonies, office parties, surprise proposals - give me a call!