Sunflower Portraits | Knob Noster, MO Child Photography

There is a small window of opportunity for sunflowers here in Missouri. A little patch opened up locally and photographers FLOCKED there. It was short notice and we were getting ready to go out of town, but I took my girls for a quick session. Sunflowers are itchy, pokey, and smelly (according to the kids) but ohhh so beautiful. This session was literally blood, sweat, and tears...can you figure out who can claim what?

August is a long time away from now, but if you 'd like a sunflower session, let me know and I'll put you down!

Public Nursing Session | Warrensburg Breastfeeding Photography

I mentioned in my last blog post that I worked with two amazing clients in order to capture a photograph to enter into the Public Breastfeeding Awareness Project (PBAP) contest. While it was a very difficult decision, I ultimately chose a picture from this session due to some smaller technical factors. Tomorrow they will be announcing the winners for the contest and I cannot wait!

M and O were so easy to work with. M was game for anything - I wasn't sure about the weather for the one evening I had to do this session, so we started at a local grocery store! Her ring sling coordinated perfectly with the produce section.


After the grocery store, the weather cooperated and we headed to downtown Warrensburg, MO where we captured a few more great memories.


This is the image I selected for the competition. There were quite a few impressive entries, so my fingers are still crossed with my breath held for another 24-ish hours.


If you're interested in a nursing session or a child and family photographer in Warrensburg, MO or the surrounding Kansas City area, please contact me today!

First hair cut

First they get teeth. Then they give up crawling. Soon, their baby fat melts away and suddenly they have long, lanky limbs and don't fit in your lap quite as well as they once did. Board books give way to paperbacks with pages that involve more than learning colors.

Which brings me to the hair. She loved her long hair. It was perfect for an Elsa braid or an Anna braid. She liked to wear it up like mommy's sometimes, but most of the time she liked to let it hang loose.

But it was time. Time to cut that first baby curl. We were talking about hair cuts one day and I mentioned that when I cut my hair, I usually donate it to people who are very sick and who have to take medicine that makes their hair fall out. She decided she wanted to donate hers too.

MO child photography
MO child photographer
Warrensburg child photography

We picked a day and made it happen. 

Whiteman AFB child photography
Knob Noster child photography
Knob Noster child photography

And just like that, the last physical evidence of her baby-hood is gone!

Lee's Summit child photographer
Independence child photography

As we were putting the baggy with her hair into an envelope she asked "Mommy, can I send the money in my bank to the other girl who is going to get my hair?" Yes. Yes we can.

Independence child photographer

We donated her hair to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program. They provide wigs for children undergoing cancer treatments at NO COST. If you are thinking of donating, they are a wonderful choice. You can find out more here:

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