4th of July Sessions | Garrison, ND

I’m seriously in love with these pictures. My oldest has loved everything red, white, and blue since she was very little. Yes, she had a bandaged, scraped up knee but hey, that’s childhood, right? I’m so glad I took these before leaving on vacation because while we were gone, she lost one of her top front teeth and has been officially inducted into that awkward smile stage of childhood. So now these pictures mean even more to me because her smile will never be the same!

I’m holding these limited edition 4th of July sessions on July 30 in Garrison, ND. Each session will be about 15 minutes and will be held in the afternoon. E-mail info@dianabertrandphotography.com or use the contact form to book!

4th of July mini session 3 kids
Patriotic mini session North Dakota.jpg

Mommy and Me Mini Sessions

Now Booking!

Mother’s Day Mini Sessions in the afternoon of May 5, 2019. These will be held at my new studio in Garrison, ND. E-mail me, info@dianabertrandphotography.com to claim a time and once I have at least four commitments, we’ll be all official!

I’ll have this blue background available as well as a spring flower background.

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Christmas with YOUR tree!

You know the drill…last year you got your kids dressed up in their Christmas best, spent 20 minutes loading the car, drove 45 minutes to an hour to a portrait studio in Minot or Bismarck, only to have your 2 year old completely melt down and refuse to cooperate with the photographer in a fake set up with a beautifully decorated, pristine Christmas tree. You’ll do the photos yourself this year with your iPhone, you think.

Don’t make this mistake! Your kids will (eventually) treasure a picture of their entire family (meaning both parents, not just Dad) in front of their tree where they carefully hanged all of their favorite school-made ornaments along the bottom two feet of the tree - your tree is perfect, I promise. These quick sessions will be relatively painless - you can clear your clutter to the other side of your living room and no one will be the wiser! I’ll bring my professional equipment so you get beautiful portraits of your family and your kids, rather than a blurry cell phone picture (see top right of an actual attempt!)

Click here to contact me to find out more about booking a Christmas photoshoot with your family, in your home, in Garrison, ND or a surrounding area.

Christmas tree session