Firefighter's Birthday Session | Garrison, ND

Things have been pretty busy for DBP but I knew that I had to do something special for this birthday. He’s gotten the short straw for the last few birthdays as we were in the process of selling our house last year and the year before that my husband was away with training for the Air Force for a couple weeks and I didn’t manage a party. This year I managed to scrape together a respectable event!

When I found out that E wanted a fire truck birthday, I got so excited. We have the North Dakota Firefighter’s Museum ( here in Garrison, ND and they have child sized turnout gear. Then I was chatting with our neighbor and she mentioned that she had a child sized ride on truck. The stars aligned, add in some balloons, and we had the perfect setup for E’s birthday pictures at my new studio in Garrison!

Dinosaurs, astronauts, fairies - whatever your child is interested in, we can design a customized birthday setup just for them that you (and they) will cherish when they’re grown.

Child firefighter portrait
Child firefighter picture
Firefighter birthday pictures
Little boy on firetruck
Four year old birthday pictures
4 year old birthday portrait