52Frames weeks 2 and 3 | Warrensburg portrait photography

Last year I dabbled in the 52Frames community but only participated a few weeks. This year I decided to commit to doing as many as I can - hopefully all 52! My plan is to blog on the weeks when my submission is chosen for the 52 picks album (top 52 as chosen by a member of the community), or when I'm particularly excited about the picture I took. One of my submissions from the short time I participated last year was chosen for the overall 2016 52 picks album, which was a real surprise!

The theme for week 2 was "Rule of Thirds".

Rule of Thirds child photograph natural light

And week 3's theme was "Black and White" with extra credit for studio lighting (which I used). Someone asked me why I decided to only include half of her face for this portrait. My response was essentially - to make it stand out! I was drawn to the negative space and felt like it added to the dramatic effect in this picture.

Black and white child portrait